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What is SMART Post

SMART Post is a synergy of innovation technologies and modern logistic that provides customers with the experience of simply arranged, cost-efficient, quality, careful and responsive service. Our ambition is to connect the private customers with easy and flexible cross-border delivery solutions.

Based on SMART Forwarding delivery capabilities and in partnership with world high-ranking and trusted carriers we create unified postal network that helps you to get the convenient full-featured delivery service. One platform - one access to the most popular destinations. Whether you need to send letters, documents or bulk cargo - SMART Post has reliable options for all types of transportation!

How to use SMART Post

Service that suits all your needs. Using our service, you no longer need to wait in line at the post office and fill out a lot of paper forms to send the parcel to another country. Schedule sending and receiving in the most convenient way and at the right time.

Just 4 steps:

  • Book your parcel shipping in the SMART Post system
  • Get ready-made documents and place them on your parcel
  • Hand over the parcel to the delivery service you choose
  • Track the shipment status online in the SMART Post tracking system

Benefits of SMART Post

Our digital platform combines various pick-up and delivery options, such as courier delivery, PUDO and parcel lockers. Courier or drop-off - choose the option you need.

Fast processing system saves time. Get easy one-stop access without registration - enter the information and receive ready-made documents without leaving home.

We unites only top ranking carriers with wide internal networks. Send and receive parcels equally conveniently in the largest and smallest locations.

Our intelligent online tracking easy available. Get an accurate information about parcel on each stage of the way, even if the addressee is on the other side of the continent.

Why choose

Difference from other services
SMART Post is not only an online platform, but also an integral part of the delivery chain to destinations available in the service. As an integral part of SMART Forwarding, an authorized European postal operator, SMART Post provides fast delivery between SMART HUBs in Europe, sorting and customs processing of goods.
Tariffs and terms of delivery
The strategic partners in each country are respected worldwide postal services that provide 100% coverage of the territory and optimal delivery times within the destination country. Thanks to an effective partnership and its own logistics network, SMART Post offers only the most economical rates for international shipping.
Centralized support
For prompt clarification on all delivery issues, SMART Post provides an effective multi-channel support service. You do not need to contact the hotlines of various courier services to obtain the necessary information - SMART Post Support will provide full support and qualified delivery information at any stage.