Payment Methods

By default, payment for the SMART Post Global service is made through write-off of funds from a credit cards and through the money transfer systems.

We accept the following types of credit cards:

  • Visa (2% + 0,50€) EUR
  • MasterCard (2% + 0,50€) EUR
  • Maestro (2% + 0,50€) EUR

We also support money transfer systems:

  • PayPal (4% + 1,00€) EUR, USD, GBP, zł

Credit card payment

When chosen a credit card payment, do not log out and do not click the “Back” button while SMART Post Global is authorizing your credit card. Otherwise, the process of your payment can be restarted.

After the payment procedure has started, you cannot change the payment method. To choose a different payment method you will have to cancel the payment process and place a new order with a different payment method.

Note, that when you cancel the process of replenishment with a credit card, the return of the blocked amount to your bank account may take up to 5 business days to be actually available. It depends on the rules, which are accepted in your bank.

Withdraw funds from the card

When you placing the payment, SMART Post Global requests an authorization to be able to charge the money from your credit card. Upon receipt of confirmation, SMART Post Global blocks the amount on your account to pay for the selected service. Funds will be debited from your card when paying for your order.

Your billing address

Billing address this is the address that registered by the issuer of your credit card. When placing an order, make sure that your billing address is correct. After SMART Post Global takes your order, it will be impossible to change the billing address.