Parcel packaging

The full delivery route of your parcel consists of a whole chain of logistics processes, including transportation, loading and customs checks at border crossings between countries. The parcel travels considerable distances to reach its destination, and all participants in the delivery process try to do everything to ensure the recipient receives it intact. But the key to guaranteeing the delivery of the parcel in good condition is the packaging selected by the Sender.
The purpose of the packaging is to ensure complete safety of the goods during transportation, taking into account all related processes. For transportation of international shipments, the packaging must ensure the complete safety of goods, taking into account the distance of transportation, the possibility of several re-loadings using specialized equipment, weather conditions and the presence of other shipments.
Useful packaging tips:
  1. As a package for international parcels, you can use boxes of 3 or 5 layers of corrugated cardboard
  2. The nature and size of the package should be selected taking into account the type of goods (degree of fragility, weight, dimensions)
  3. The goods should not move inside the package when changing the angle of the box. The position of the items inside the package must be stable
  4. For fragile goods, sealing materials are required. Items must be separated by sealing materials and not touch each other
  5. When choosing packaging, it is important to consider the suitability of climate and weather conditions
  6. All potentially problematic corners and joints of the packaging should be glued with tape
  7. It is forbidden to glued several boxes together and combine several parcels in one package
WARNING: In case of repeated use, the density of the cardboard material may deteriorate, so make sure that the packaging you use is not damaged before shipping.
It is forbidden to use as packaging:
  • plastic bags
  • plastic tapes
  • paper
  • travel bags and suitcases
WARNING: In case of damage of the goods shipped in improper packaging, or damage of packaging that was improperly used (for example, when shipped in a suitcase) during transportation, courier and logistic services are not liable for such damage.
Sending goods in the manufacturer’s packaging: The goods must be packed in accordance with the requirements of international transportation, even if the goods are provided for transportation in the packaging of the manufacturer and meets all technical standards of the manufacturer. The technical standards and packaging of the manufacturer do not comply with the rules adopted for transportation over long distances and several re-loadings, such packaging cannot ensure the safety of the goods during logistics processing. Before sending, it is important to check the manufacturer's packaging for compliance with the above standards for international shipping.