Customs Declarations

All parcels sent outside the EU should be provided with customs declarations, which serve as the main document for moving parcels across the border as the international passport of your parcel
The customs declaration must contain information about the Sender and Receiver of the parcel, as well as general information about the parcel, and a list of goods included, their weight and cost
The customs declaration also contains a unique barcode identifier in a standard form, according to which the parcel is processed in the customs systems of departure and destination

The SMART Post service provides Users with access to the system for generating customs declarations under the license of the postal service operator SMART Forwarding. Using the online form, you can fill out the customs declaration in accordance with the standards adopted for international shipments. The declaration must include accurate and complete information about the contents of the parcel, which includes all types of goods for personal use, including their list, weight and total cost.

When filling out the declaration it is not allowed:

  1. Indication of contents by common names (for example, “Clothing”, “Footwear”). Specific names must be indicated (for example, “Jeans”, “Shoes”)
  2. Underestimation. Even if the parcel includes a gift or a free sample, it still has a certain cost. If the price is clearly underestimated, the parcel may be delayed by the Customs Control with further charges of fees
  3. The name and data of the real existing adult individual person must be indicated as the data of the parcel Recipient

After confirming your Order, the SMART Post system will automatically generate a unique document form, and you will receive a message containing a ready-to-print customs declaration to the email address specified in the Order.

After printing, the declarations should be divided along the line of tear and placed in the lower right corner of the parcel using Docufix or another transparent envelope, without violating the integrity and without closing the barcode.
WARNING: Parcels without a customs declaration are not allowed to be exported from the country of departure and imported into the country of destination. Incorrect or incomplete filling of the data in the customs declaration may serve as a basis for refusing to pass the parcel across the border.