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For identification during the delivery process, parcels must be marked with postal labels - stickers. Modern automated logistics systems read information posted on stickers for the rapid processing of shipments
The labels indicate the data of the Sender and the Recipient, information about the delivery method, as well as a unique barcode identifier for each parcel, by which you can track the entire path of its movement in real time
If the transportation route provides for the transfer of the parcel between different Delivery Services, it should be marked with several labels containing unique barcode identifiers of each of the selected Delivery Services
Using the SMART Post system, you can easily create stickers for the Delivery Services of the countries of departure and destination. To create all the necessary accompanied documents, you just need to fill out only one form. When filling out the form, you must indicate the address data of the Sender and the Recipient, as well as general information about the parcel. After confirming your Order, the SMART Post system will automatically enter data into the systems of the selected Delivery Services, and you will receive a message with a ready-to-print stickers to the email address indicated in the Order.
After printing, the stickers should be placed in the upper left corner of the package, without violating the integrity and without closing the barcode.

WARNING: Address data must be specified correctly and contain valid phone numbers of the Sender and the Recipient. In case of incorrect indication of the data, the delivery time may be increased by the period necessary to clarify and process the missing information.