No printer

If you send parcels infrequently or there is no printer nearby for printing postage labels, this is not a problem! You can book a shipment using the service without printing - No Printer
Service is available for sending to other countries using the available Delivery Services. The SMART Forwarding will carry out customs formalities for dispatch from the EU
You do not need to worry about customs declarations, because we will independently prepare all the accompanying documents and mark your parcels in our sorting center
The parcel can be sent from any Parcel Machine 24/7 or from the branch during the period indicated in the message of the Delivery Service. You do not need to agree on the date and time, as well as mark the parcel with any stickers, an employee of the Delivery Service will do this when processing the parcel. But just in case, we recommend that you indicate in writing the sending and delivery addresses on the outside of the parcel.
You can send the parcel without printing documents, following the simple instructions:
  • Prepare your parcel for shipment, check the reliability of the package, weigh and measure its dimensions
  • Enter the shipping data to the SMART Post system by selecting No Printer service
  • Pay for delivery in the SMART Post system in a convenient way
  • Receive SMS with a 10-digit code for sending and its expiration date
  • Send the parcel from the nearest Parcel Machine or branch of the selected delivery service